Products & Services

MIPI premium products are available worldwide

  • in certified and audited quality
  • in standardized design and performance
  • in standardized material
  • manufactured according to state-of-the art technology
  • as full-service package adapted to customers´ supply chain

Product pages - Preview

The product and country specific data sheets are still in progress. If you do not find your product in the displayed range, feel free to contact MIPI or the MIPI Member directly. Due to the wide range of product types, we can only show an exemplary preview which will be extended and updated regularly.


Using the tubular design according to international standards MIPI® members provide market-developed, -tested and –proven products, the extremely durable IBCs which meet numerous applications. more


L-Ring and tight head drums are available in a variety of versions. In some countries special product features include EX protected black, fluorinated and naNO-Perm. more

Open Tops

Open Top drums have proven their worth throughout the world. They can be flexibly adapted to your specific production environment. Various lids, ventilation systems and other accessories are available. more

Jerrycans & Fassett®

Jerrycans offer ideal features for liquids, high filling weights and high stacking requirements. Considering the individual needs in your production facilites MIPI® members supply the most perfect packaging to suit your demand.  more


With MIPI® members you always have the optimum plastic bottle packaging at hand:
- small or large
- for viscous, liquid or solid filling goods
- customized shapes for brand manufacturers more