MIPI® packaging is manufactured according to quality standards specified in the UN Recommendations for the Transport of Dangerous Goods. This ensures that MIPI® packaging is of consistent quality.

Extensive testing is carried out regularly by a MIPI® auditor or the local Competent Authority. Only manufacturers meeting the most stringent approval criteria are allowed to use the MIPI®- Logo. MIPI® frequently monitors the performance of its members. 

Technical Support

For all questions on the use of packagings for the transport of dangerous goods in compliance with actual regulations and/or relating to approvals or approval procedures, our experienced experts shall be pleased to support you.


Packaging produced by MIPI® member companies are compatible with most chemicals. Detailed information can be obtained from our packaging consultants who can give expert advice on individual problems. In any case you should provide material data sheet of the filling good in question.


MIPI® has established a worldwide reconditioner data base. Reconditioners were audited and recommended by local MIPI® members.