MIPI® brings the world leading packaging manufacturers to you. In the spirit of cooperation, each MIPI® member shares expertise and knowledge with other members. As a customer of MIPI® you will have direct access to this "accumulated" Know-how. You gain the support of this leading, global organization at local level. Doing business with this team gives you a decisive advantage over your competitors in the international market place.

Global markets require global coordination but local presence. MIPI® offers both to its customers. The formation of MIPI® has created a platform to provide globally operating enterprises with high-quality packaging and services at local level. Due to MAUSER's continuous development of innovative new products and services MIPI® will always be able to deliver the best products to its customers.

MIPI® is in the unique position to call upon the resources of the world's leading plastic packaging manufacturers. Global contracts with MIPI® guarantee reliable supply of industrial plastic packaging and comprehensive services related to packaging.

Global support from a local source.

This is our unique competence already in place for many years!